I'm Jim Ockers, and this is my personal/professional web site.  I'm a computer systems and software/network engineer living in San Diego, California.  Prior to being here, I lived and worked in Grand Junction, Colorado and Calgary, Alberta.  My background is in upstream oil & gas information technologies and within that sector I've been involved in:

  • IT, systems administration, and systems programming;
  • network and communications engineering and design, including satellite network systems;
  • computer systems and instrumentation product and systems design, including industrial & embedded systems;
  • teaching, mentoring and leadership of individuals and groups

I'm a registered/licensed professional engineer in both Alberta and Colorado.  I also was the President & Chairman of the Board of a large condominium corporation in Calgary, which was a lot like being the mayor of a small city.  More information about my professional credentials and background, including curriculum vitae, will be found on the Professional/CV pages.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting.